Series 1 Episode 5


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Kate Denereaz
revisits the story of Melusine: a half-woman, half-serpent hiding her curse from her human husband and their children. Leke Oso Alabi brings Menelik I into modern London, asking what the offspring the Queen of Sheba and the biblical King Solomon would make of our divided times. Rachel Long explores the uses of storytelling and survival through her own family mythology.

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Rachel Long is a poet and the founder of Octavia Poetry Collective for Women of Colour, which is housed at Southbank Centre, London. She was shortlisted for Young Poet for Laureate for London in 2014 and awarded a Jerwood/Arvon Foundation mentorship in 2015. Rachel has run poetry workshops for The Poetry School, The Serpentine Galleries and at University of Oxford.  She is Assistant Tutor to Jacob Sam La-Rose on the Barbican Young Poets programme 2015-present.

Leke Oso Alabi is a poet from London, and Alumnus of the Barbican Young Poets Programme. In 2015, he was long-listed for the position of Young Poet Laureate for London and was recently commissioned by the Barbican to write a poem in response to their Subject to Change season. He is currently developing a poetry chamber concert with the Multi-Story Orchestra.

Kate Denereaz completed a Faber Academy course in poetry in 2016 and has been writing most days since. She’s a freelance writer and subedits for The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Middle East and Africa team, and has a BA in English from UCL.