Series 1 Episode 6


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Jay Bernard
, Simran Uppal and Rhian Edwards dive into some of the world’s most iconic compendiums of myth: The Arthurian Legends, the Ramayana and the Mabinogion.

This week we bring you stories about the Hijra, third-gender people blessed by Rama for their loyalty and devotion. We revisit the myth of Blodeuwedd, a woman crafted from flowers to be the wife of the hero Lleu Llaw Gyffes. And we excavate a little-known myth in the Arthurian canon: Sir Morian, the Moorish son of one of the Knights of the Round Table.

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Jay Bernard is from London and works as a writer and film programmer at BFI Flare (London’s LGBT film festival). They are the author of three pamphlets, The Red and Yellow Nothing (2016), English Breakfast (2013), and Your Sign is Cuckoo, Girl (2008); and have been featured in numerous anthologies and magazines, including Ten: The New Wave, and Out of Bounds: Black British Writers. Jay won the 2017 Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry for Surge which investigated the New Cross Fire of 1981 and what it meant for the West Indian migrants and activists involved.

Simran Uppal is an undergraduate Classics student at Oxford, current Barbican Young Poet and yoga teacher. They co-direct Coriander, a person-of-colour- and queer-centring theatre collective.

Rhian Edwards is a multi-award-winning poet and musician. Her pamphlet of poems Parade the Fib (tall-lighthouse) was awarded the PBS Choice for autumn 2008 and her first collection Clueless Dogs (Seren) won Wales Book of the Year 2013 and was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection 2012. Rhian’s latest illustrated pamphlet Brood (Seren) was published in May 2017. Her second collection The Estate Agent’s Daughter (Seren) is due out in 2020.