Series 1 Episode 3


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This is the week of wicked women. S. Niroshini faces down the goddess Kali. Lucia Dove visits Baba Yaga in her chicken leg hut at the edge of the forest. Joelle Taylor talks to the Furies, vengeful spirits who drive men insane. The hags and crones come out to play.

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Joelle Taylor is an award winning spoken word artist, poet, playwright and author. Her first collection Ska Tissue was released in 2011 and The Woman Who Was Not There in 2014. Her most recent collection Songs My Enemy Taught Me (Out-Spoken Press, 2017) was inspired by workshops engaging groups of vulnerable women across the UK. Speaking to refugees, prisoners, young mothers, survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, the collection powerfully evokes the struggles women still face globally in the 21st Century. She was awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Society Arts in 2015.

S. Niroshini is a Sri Lankan-born writer of fiction, essays and poetry raised in Australia. Her work engages with themes of gender, cultural history, migration and memory. After a brief career as a solicitor she returned to her original love of writing, performance and visual art. She lives in London.

Lucia Dove completed her degree in English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham. She comes from Southend-on-Sea, is half-Russian, and currently lives in Amsterdam where she works for Amsterdam University Press. Her poems have appeared in The Tangerine and The Poetry Review.